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Medical comfort seat for long drives

BRIDE: BRIDE's new flagship model, STREAMS, is a seat designed to reduce the burden on the driver while driving. The ergonomically designed backrest shape and seating surface provide a good sense of hold and an appropriate driving position, reducing the strain on the muscles and lumbar spine caused by the vehicle rolling or bumps on the road surface. In addition, there are two types of seat materials: high-grade suede-like fabric, which is comfortable to the touch but does not slip easily, and PVC (polyvinyl chloride), which is resistant to dirt and moisture to some extent. can be selected from a total of 8 color variations, one of which is tough leather black, so it can be matched with the interior design of various car models. STREAMS is a medical comfort model semi-bucket seat that can enjoy a comfortable long drive because it reduces fatigue and contributes to preventing back pain.

An armrest (sold separately) can be attached to the STREAMS CRUZ.

STREAMS CRUZ has screw processing to attach a dedicated armrest to the left and right sides of the backrest. You can easily attach the armrest through the main shaft that comes with the armrest. If the armrest is not attached, it is closed with a cap. (Armrests are sold separately. Please see the aftermarket parts page for armrest part numbers and prices .)

A model with seat heaters is also available.

For all STREAMS models, you can choose a seat heater equipped model with heaters built into the back and seat. Unlike air conditioners that use the heat of the engine, seat heaters warm up quickly even in the cold winter. When used in conjunction with the air conditioner, the body is warmed directly from the back and seat surface, so not only does it warm the body from the core in a short time, but it also reduces the dryness in the car. Installation is as easy as plugging into a cigar socket (only compatible with 12V vehicles), maximum approx. *We do not sell the seat heater unit alone and do not retrofit it to your seat. *Please be careful not to overcurrent when using the left and right seats at the same time or when connecting other devices.