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BRIDE: A new generation reclining seat that is the new flagship of BRIDE, which combines hold performance and convenience at a high level.

STRADIAⅢ has a bone frame newly designed by 3D-CAD and a body shell with a monocoque structure that inherits the design of ZETA IV, which dramatically improves the rigidity and strength of the seat compared to the previous model STRADIAⅡ. .. In addition, the reclining mechanism and one-touch reclining lever, which were newly developed in pursuit of operability, convenience, and durability, suppress backlash and backlash to the utmost while adjusting in stages for more reliable hold and comfort. Realized the sex. In addition, a belt hole for a 6-point harness has been newly installed on the back of the seat surface, and specially designed high-density urethane foam is used for the cushions on the seat and thighs.
STRADIA III is a new-generation reclining seat that combines the hold performance required for circuit driving with the convenience and comfort required for everyday use, and these different performances at a high level.

You can choose from two types of colors: gradation logo, black and red, two types of shells, FRP silver shell and super aramid black shell, and two types of cushions, standard type and low type.

Specially designed seat and thigh cushions

The specially designed high-density foam molded urethane used for the seat and thigh cushions applies surface pressure evenly to the flat seat surface, so it also has a good hold and reduces fatigue. In addition, it is hard to settle and has excellent durability. In addition to the standard type, there is also a low type thigh cushion with a thickness reduced to 2/3.

Belt hole compatible with FHR system and 6-point harness

A large belt hole compatible with FHR systems such as HANS and a belt hole for 6-point harness, which was often requested by STRADIA users, are newly installed at the bottom of the seat. This allows you to enjoy circuit driving and various motor sports more safely.