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Wide bucket full model seat 40mm larger than standard model

The ZIEG Ⅳ WIDE is a wide model of the full bucket seat ZIEG れ た that has been built in pursuit of high safety and hold performance based on various racing experiences and feedback from professional drivers. Approximately 40mm wider at the thighs and 10mm wider at the shoulders than the standard ZIEG II, making it ideal for drivers with large body shapes.
Also, like the ZIEG II, the entire shell has a deep hold shape that wraps the driver deeply, and holds the driver firmly even in situations where high speed cornering or high running G is applied. Driving operation can be performed.

LOWMAX for WIDE models

The WIDE model also uses BRIDE's patented LOWMAX system. As a result, the seat position and eye point can be lowered, and even those with a large body can take the ideal driving position for sports driving.

Meets FIA and security standards

ZETA Ⅳ WIDE is a product that conforms to the safety standards of the Road Transport Vehicle Law (supports vehicle inspection). In addition, it has also obtained the [FIA8855-1999] standard set by the FIA (International Automobile Federation), so it can be used in international-style races and competitions. The design and quality to withstand more severe tests are maintained to ensure high safety.