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ZETA IV Keiichi Tsuchiya Special Edition Model [NEW]

Since its release in 1990, the BRIDE full bucket seat standard model ZETA series has won countless race scenes and continued to protect the safety of drivers. It is a collaboration model of the latest model ZETA IV and Dorikin Keiichi Tsuchiya.

ZETA IV is BRIDE's flagship model with a shell design that fits the Japanese body shape and skeleton, and is designed for use in a variety of situations, from public roads to hard sports driving. Based on BRIDE's seat manufacturing technology and know-how cultivated so far, we have made full use of high-performance materials in each part to achieve light weight and high rigidity. It is a full bucket seat that surpasses conventional products in all aspects such as holdability, comfort, durability, and safety. There are two types of shell materials: FRP silver shell and super aramid black shell. The color is a special specification with green lines and stitching, which is also Mr. Tsuchiya's image color, based on black skin. The ZETA Ⅳ Ya Keiichi Special Edition model is an FIA certified model.

Accented with green lines and stitches and gold embroidery

The KING series is designed with green lines and stitching, the image color of former racing driver and drift guru Keiichi Tsuchiya. "Artisan" is embroidered in gold on the front and back of the backrest and headrest.

Comfortable and durable cushion

The seat and thigh cushions are made of specially designed high-density urethane foam. Since the flat seat surface is evenly pressured, it has excellent holdability, reduces fatigue, and is resistant to fatigue and has excellent durability. In addition, the back cushion has a vertical slit, which creates a good fit on the spine.

ZETA IV is an FIA standard certified model.

zeta4_a.jpg/ ARAMID zeta4_f.jpg/ FRP