BRIDE Type-RO Seat Rail (Bottom Mount / Reclinable Seat)

CAD $330.00
Incoming - Contact us for ETA

Super Seat rail RO Type

  • Made in Japan
  • Seat mounting dimensions / length260mm(25mm+235mm) x breadth405mm

Fit seat

BRIDE GIAS series,STRADIA series,edirb 023 / 033 ,CUGA series,VORGA series,BRIX2,ERGO2,XAX2,PROS
RECARO SR series,L series(*1)
Other GULL,D&W

Fit seat in the case of using import side stay

Other Seat within the mounting dimensions
  • * If the reclining LOW MAX Series (GIAS / STRADIA series ) of the attachment , for the type of vehicle in which there is a set of dedicated rail , please use the dedicated LR type .