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EDIRB RECLINE 54 (BLK) - Red Stitching

CAD $2,500.00
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edirb 054

A comfort reclining seat with a form that comfortably envelops the body, perfect for long drives

edirb 054(Based on BRIDE EUROSTERII CRUZ) is a comfort type model with an ergonomic design perfect for long drives. Additionally, by installing a specialized armrest, it helps prevent fatigue when driving. It uses luxurious protein leather for its seat material. It uses the much-talked-about advanced protein leather for the seat material. Protein leather is a high quality synthetic leather manufactured using a unique decoding technology after powderizing silk and eggshell membrane protein with an advanced technology. Its superior moisture absorption and desorption reduces stuffiness to provide a pleasant driving environment. It also features a texture like the real leather of a high grade sofa for a smooth touch. It is perfect as a seat material due to its easy maintenance compared to real leather, its extreme superiority in terms of durability and water resistance, etc.

This seat is in all Black Leather with Red Stitching and Red Lettering on the headrest.