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EDIRB BUCKET 042 (BLK) - Red Stitching

CAD $2,905.00
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edirb 042

A LOWMAX fixed bucket seat using protein leather to half cover the back surface and utilizing the LOWMAX system.

edirb 042(Based on BRIDE VIOS III) is a Lomax fixed bucket seat which utilizes the patented BRIDE's LOWMAX system technology to realize the maximum low position.
By positioning the seat rail in structure and deepening backrest shape, we achieve the maximum low position in cars with limited interior space/head clearance as well as the ideal driving position.
In addition to the super aramid black shell, an FRP silver shell has been added to the lineup.

edirb 042 is a FIA-compliant model.

This seat is in all Black Leather with a Super Carbon Aramid Shell (Carbon Fiber) with Red Stitching and Red Lettering on the headrest.